• hatecrimestory

    Hate/bias crime data might not reflect reality due to under-reporting

    By Isaac De Luna Navarro and Skylar Griego / New Mexico News Port A young Muslim woman was sitting with friends in a library when a man wearing a Trump shirt approached her from behind, grabbed her head and attempted to forcibly remove her hijab. This incident, which took place in Zimmerman library on Nov. […]

  • P3061362

    Domestic Violence Conviction Rate Falling in New Mexico

    By Angela Shen and Christian Marquez / NM News Port A vibrant red couch, soft blankets, comfort food and of course, teddy bears. That is what survivors of domestic violence are greeted by, if they choose to visit Gail Starr’s office after an incident. Starr is the head nurse and clinical coordinator for Albuquerque’s Sexual […]

  • elcentro2-by-john-acosta

    Federal Immigration Policy Affecting Local Communities

    By John Acosta and John Jamison / NM News Port Undocumented University of New Mexico (UNM) student Felipe Rodriguez takes out his pen and notebook and begins taking notes while his psychology professor starts lecturing about questions that will arise in the upcoming midterm. After about five minutes, Felipe starts losing concentration, worrying and wondering […]

  • checkpoint

    NM Legislation Would Bar Alcohol Sales to Repeat DWI Offenders

      By Kris Klarer, Fin Martinez, and Mia Clark / NM News Port A bill in the 2017 New Mexico legislative session seeks to make punishments for repeat DWI offenders more severe by preventing them from purchasing alcohol in the state. House Bill 271, sponsored by representative Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert (R-NM), would ban second-time DWI […]