• proctor-02-cover-photo

    Skeptic by Nature: Jeff Proctor, Criminal Justice Reporter

    By Sarene Clayton and Jacob Leyba / NM News Port Investigative reporter Jeff Proctor has written about some of the most notorious criminal justice cases in New Mexico. “Writing has always been the way that I access the world,” Proctor said. Proctor says he has been writing ever since he could remember — about anything […]

  • addiction-01-by-maelene-soto

    Lifelong Addicts Face Challenges On the Road to Recovery

    By  Oma E-Nunu, Andrea Leblanc and Maelene Soto / NM News Port “It’s insane what’s right in front of our faces if we just look,” said Bobbie Waller, a former drug addict who grew up in Carlsbad, New Mexico. “So many people pass away alone on the streets without any help.” Waller speaks from her […]

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    ABQ Bar Settles with Family After Fatal Over-Serving

    By Maya Holt, John Jamison and Brittany Perez / NM News Port A $2 million settlement was reached between an Albuquerque establishment and a grieving mother in August 2016. Los Lunas resident Patricia Peña sued the local bar after her son died due to severe injuries he received in a car crash after allegedly being […]

  • probation-story-03-by-elizabeth-sanchez

    Reducing Recidivism: Therapeutic Probation May Be the Answer

    By Marielle Dent and Elizabeth Sanchez / NM News Port Federal Probation Officer Aaron J. Givens specializes in helping female offenders and offenders with mental health issues. A typical day for him is a non-stop run of answering emails, attending job search meetings, making at-home visits to clients and conducting community outreach events at the […]