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    UNM Struggles To Exchange Students

    By Marco Torrez / NM News Port / UNM students: Want to trade places with students from New Zealand? Of course you do — but unfortunately, Kiwis aren’t too keen about coming here. What about Taiwan? Not interested? That’s too bad, because there are hundreds of Taiwanese students who’d more than happy trade places and […]

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    Depression on the Rise, LGBTQ Youths at Greater Risk

    By Marco Woods / NM News Port / Major depressive episodes are on a increase for youths in New Mexico, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths are at greater risk, according to local experts. Frankie Flores, educational coordinator for the LGBTQ Resource Center at UNM, said he thinks there is a rising hopelessness showing […]

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    Local radio helping local artists find audiences

    By Kenya Gable/ NM News Port / Flip on the radio and you are most likely to hear: “Up next, new music by (big commercial artist)” and not “Up next, new music from our very own (local talented artist)!” The community of musical artists in Albuquerque do not get much airplay but rock musician Angelo […]

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    Inequality in STEM fields prompts push for improvement at UNM

    By Sarah East and Aleks Mihailovic / NM News Port / The University of New Mexico has a lack of female faculty in science, technology, engineering and math fields. A survey of UNM departments reveals a disparity between male and female faculty members. This shortage of female professors is apparent in the science, technology, engineering […]

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    Pre-K solutions: How other states did it

    BY LAUREN VILLAGRAN /RAISING NEW MEXICO/ As other states and communities across the country expand preschool programs, they have run into a familiar stumbling block: How does a state expand education to younger children without losing federal Head Start dollars or hurting the business model of private child care providers? Oregon, Georgia and Washington, D.C. […]

  • Sine die Bipartisanship was buzzword but not everything was kumbaya

    Sine die: Bipartisanship was buzzword but not everything was kumbaya

    By Trip Jennings and Danielle Prokop / NM News Port /   The final legislative session of Gov. Susana Martinez’s tenure passed into history Thursday. What a difference a few months makes. Last May, state lawmakers were in crisis dealing with a yawning budget gap and no money for the state’s universities and colleges or […]

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