• Steven

    New Mexicans with disabilities find work despite barriers

    By Elizabeth Sanchez / NM News Port / Steven Fischer is no stranger to hearing, “No.” When he started job hunting after his 2015 high school graduation, he applied to be a cashier and was told he “wasn’t physically capable of doing the job,” he said. Some six months later, Fischer found work with Christmas […]

  • SLNM_Hobbs_36

    Foreign teachers pay dearly to fill empty N.M. jobs

    By Lauren Villagran/ Searchlight NM /   HOBBS – The alarm rings at 3 a.m., and Ronell Mangilit is the first one up in a house shared with four fellow teachers. He prepares breakfast, writes up the day’s math lesson, and puts on a button-down shirt, a tie and crisply pressed slacks. Then it’s off […]

  • SLNM_Hobbs_38

    Recruiting agencies exploit education ties

    By Lauren Villagran / Searchlight NM / Four recruiting agencies have sprung up in New Mexico. Each is run by a working teacher, a recently resigned PED employee, a district superintendent, or the close relative of a superintendent. Such close relationships to the school system give recruiters an edge in helping immigrant teachers navigate licensure […]

  • SLNM_Hobbs_18

    Courts side with guest workers in exploitation schemes

    By Lauren Villagran / Searchlight NM / Guest worker programs have long been shadowed by middlemen: the brokers, recruiters and labor contractors who serve as a bridge between workers abroad and employers in the U.S. While some charge a reasonable fee to deliver necessary services, exploitation is prevalent. Main story on this topic: Foreign teachers pay […]

  • dju_20180712_Home_Visits_489

    Who should get home visits? New Mexico can’t say

    By John R. Roby / Searchlight NM / The state knows relatively little about the people served by its nearly three dozen contracted home visiting providers. Nor is there an answer to how many families the program should serve. Main story on this topic: New Mexico’s home visiting puzzle According to a 2015 Legislative Finance Committee […]

  • dju_20180712_Home_Visits_68

    New Mexico’s home visiting puzzle

    It has broad support and research behind it, so why can’t the state spend the funds?   By John R. Roby / Searchlight NM / Despite strong evidence that home visiting promotes healthy families and children, state officials have diverted millions of dollars from the program in order to fund child care assistance, according to […]

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