• Recycle Dumpster Close up

    Albuquerque educates residents on blue bins

    By Destiny Muñoz and Kendra Mirabal / NM News Port / Ten years ago New Mexico was recycling seven percent of its garbage. Now the state is at 16 percent — still far behind the national average of 34 percent. Still, New Mexico is doing pretty well according to some. “We are good with where […]

  • Smiths

    Five years later, Santa Fe still adjusting to bag ban

    By Hayley Estrada and Steven DeAnda / NM News Port / Miranda Sanchez, a local Santa Fe shopper, carts her groceries toward the checkout counter at her favorite Walmart for the second time this month. “I know that plastic has been gone for a while, but even after all this time I am still surprised,” […]

  • AirbnbNM

    Albuquerque’s Airbnb industry approaching saturation point

    By Shayla Cunico and Makayla Grijalva / NM News Port / Airbnb has been connecting hosts and traveling guests since its creation in 2008, while also assisting in tourism growth in cities across the world.  But while the Airbnb market in Albuquerque and New Mexico has been rapidly growing for the past few years, new […]

  • IMG_1555

    Albuquerque restaurants reduce straw waste

    By Kaylee Trainum and Mikayla Nowell / NM News Port / In an effort to create a greener New Mexico, the city of Albuquerque may follow in the footsteps of Santa Fe and Silver City to reduce waste by banning plastic bags and straws. Some business leaders said their costs will rise, while others are […]

  • Terrel Velsor

    Accepting himself after sexual assault

    By Amy Byres / NM News Port / Trigger Warning; This article features explicit details about sexual assault, trauma and other sensitive topics.   Terrel Velsor was only five years old when he was sexually assaulted by an 18-year old man. “Maybe by talking about what I had been through… it can inspire others to […]

  • Classroom

    New Mexico struggling to fill teacher jobs

    By Joshua Grajeda and Sergio Guerrero / NM News Port / Teacher vacancies have become an epidemic in New Mexico, as there are now 740 positions to be filled in grade levels K-12. As of 2016, the need for educators had increased by nearly 60 percent. Breaking things down by grade level, most vacancies — […]

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