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    Albuquerque pushing to be clean and green

    By Hayley Estrada and Steven DeAnda / NM News Port / “We want to be a part of helping Albuquerque’s environment but it is insanely expensive,” said Stephen Crawford, the regional manager of Slice Parlor, in response to a proposed city-wide plastic ban. Crawford’s and other local businesses in Albuquerque are anticipating The Albuquerque Clean […]

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    NM lacks criminal justice data on race, ethnicity

    By Jeff Proctor and Elaina Jameson / NM In Depth / From traffic stops to incarceration rates to drug arrests, New Mexico trails other states and the federal system in collecting key criminal justice data, particularly on race and ethnicity, a New Mexico In Depth analysis has found. And despite a push from state lawmakers […]

  • Outside the Greyhound Bus station in downtown Albuqueruqe, March 05, 2019.

    Are other states sending their homeless to ABQ?

    By Celia Raney / NM News Port / At least some of the people experiencing homelessness in Albuquerque came by bus from cities in nearby states. It’s unclear to what extent those bus tickets were meant to help reconnect people with family or to simply get them out of town, but the practice is adding […]

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    Bill proposes changes to human trafficking and prostitution of children in New Mexico

    By Bethany Johnson / NM News Port / Lawmakers in New Mexico are seeking to change the Children’s Code when it comes to prostitution and human trafficking. The Prostitution as Delinquent act is a bill that proposes several changes to the Children’s Code in New Mexico. The Children’s Code is New Mexico’s code of juvenile […]

  • Prismatic 01

    Albuquerque’s brewing a gourmet coffee community

    By Anna Padilla / NM News Port / Albuquerque is witnessing the beginnings of a “third wave” coffee movement. New coffee entrepreneurs say they are elevating the local coffee experience with single source beans, in house roasting and other approaches that set their shops apart. The first wave of coffee centered around the accessibility of […]

  • UNMGrad (2)

    Education leaders hope to turn around worsening teacher shortage

    By Joshua Grajeda and Sergio Guerrero / NM News Port / Teacher vacancies have become an epidemic in New Mexico, but efforts to train new teachers are starting to help, as is the state government’s plan to increase spending on teachers and schools. According to the 2018 NM Educator Vacancy Report, there were 740 unfilled […]

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